The Value of Voice

I can finally read my own book!

That is to say, “I’m Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Care” is FINALLY available on Audible. Wow, even just typing that made my heart flutter a bit!

For years, I’ve wanted my books in audio format… but I really wanted to be the one to read them. That felt like a nearly impossible task because, well obviously, I don’t have the option of opening the book, flipping pages and reading into a mic soooooo… this meant some tedious times in the studio. But here it is, now, ready for those who know the value of voice. Not just in the words, but in the reading and interpreting of the work.

And for a story this personal, it had to be me. As someone who has consumed hundreds of audio books over a lifetime, I knew how I wanted it to sound. Not that I’m like a recording artist in the studio necessarily, but actually, well, it’s exactly like a recording artist in the studio (I admit it felt pretty cool to be all fancy in the studio)!

My biggest takeaway is that what I’d been so intimidated by for years turned out (GASP!) not to be so tough. Tedious indeed, but not tough. And, it came out how I wanted. Me. Reading. My Story.

When you read a book on Audible (as I hope you will), you also get a chance to review the performance. If you’ve loved a keynote or any of my books, I think you’ll like the Audible book, too. I’m especially proud of the performance and, if you like it, too, it will mean so much to me (and the whole crew it took to make this dream come true) if you’ll give it five stars.

“I’m Here” and all my other books have always reminded me of The Little Engine that Could. Their popularity has never been because of a marketing campaign or a promo tour or the like. Just authentic information shared with a desire to help the world.

Thanks for being part of this Movement, and for helping spread compassion to the world.

Grab your copy on Audible today!


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