I’m Here


“I’m Here has opened the heart and mind of nurses and health professionals around the world.

Marcus’ tender message of ‘human touch’ altered his dramatic and traumatic journey. This book continues to awaken us to the profound significance of simple compassionate basic acts of human presence and loving kindness as a foundation for healing – what we often miss or dismiss in our busy life practices.

This work is a wonderful teacher and lesson of the importance of caring moments, the human voice, and touch as turning points – alleviating suffering.”

Jean Watson, PhD, RN, AHN -BC, FAAN,
Founder/Director Watson Caring Science Institute



I’m Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Care

Modern medical technology helps patients recover faster than any other time in history. However, the human interaction between patient and care giver is still the essential foundation of healing. “I’m Here” is a personal narrative from the patient’s perspective. Filled with practical advice, packed with humor and overflowing with appreciation, Marcus Engel encourages health care professionals to practice compassionate communication in all its forms.

Professional speaker and author Marcus Engel is considered an expert in communicating the patient’s perspective, and inspiring health care professionals to excellence. Marcus speaks from the heart. After being blinded and suffering catastrophic injuries at the hands of a drunk driver, he endured years of hospitalization, rehab and recovery. Marcus is the author of “After This… An Inspirational Journey for All the Wrong Reasons” and “The Other End of the Stethoscope: 33 Insights for Excellent Patient Care.”


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