2018 Watchwords

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Back when I was an undergrad and pledging the Kappa Sigma fraternity, I had to study a lot. Not academics, but the history, foundations and pillars of the organization.

As I studied, I learned the Kappa Sigma watchwords: commitment and diligence. These two words were meant to guide young men in a forward direction. Now, over 20 years since I learned what watchwords are, I still refer to commitment and diligence in lots of my decision making processes.

Here we are now at the beginning of a new year. On NYE, our family has a little tradition of naming favorite memories and accomplishments from the past year. Then, we each write a few different things down on slips of paper that we want to leave in the past. This is before we choose our 2018 watchwords. Those slips of paper are then burned and we symbolically and mentally attempt to leave those negative emotions, experiences or memories in the past.

On Sunday night, it was a small crowd of family. Like, three of us. We each chose one watchword, but I’ll also try to apply the other two. Our three words are:

  • Courage
  • Patience
  • Gratitude

As we move ahead into the new year, what are your watchwords? What virtues do you want to bring out in 2018? What traits do you want to adopt in this new year?

Whatever words you choose, please be intentional about repeating this word to yourself several times per day…just to keep it in your watch.

And, happy New Year from all of us!

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