Failure: Day #2

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Okay, while I don’t get real formal with New Year’s resolutions, I did have a few things I’d really like to do in 2018. On January 1, I was able to accomplish each thing on my list:

Meditate and/or do yoga

Eat clean (this means Paleo or nothing artificial/refined)


Practice guitar

Begin the day by drinking at least one liter of water

Day #2? Blew it. …or did I?

Jan 2, there was no guitar playing. I did meditate for a bit, but didn’t do yoga. I ate clean until about 10p when I was so ravenous I choked down some Korean BBQ wings that the Hotness had leftover. The water is an easy one to do.

“Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done” by John Acuff was one of my favorite books of 2017. In it, he described how many people (me included), miss their goals (like I did) and just decide to give up. That IS a decision…and it’s one I’ve made previously. No more.

Now we’re on day #5 and I’ve not eaten super clean, but that was also just one meal. I’ll get back on the clean wagon tonight. I should have ample time to practice my instrument, I should have ample time to exercise. As of yet, the most I’ve written is this post. Does it count? Yep, sure does.

One of Acuff’s strategies/ideas is that we’re all prone to perfectionist thinking. Like, if I didn’t keep my resolutions on day #2 or day #3 then it’s all blown to hell and there’s no reason to continue. I’m learning to say bunk to that.

Look, my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to have a guitar with me every day. But, when I’m home, I can definitely practice. I may not always have clean options to eat, but one meal doesn’t have to sink all those fitness goals.

This year, instead of having that perfection mindset which, let’s just face it, is better described as “fear”, I’m gonna get back on the wagon each time I fall off. Really, to NOT fall off the wagon is improbable and way too much pressure. But, I CAN use everything in my power to prevent one mistake from becoming two. Or three. Or a dozen.

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