Evil Clown Hypnotist

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Terrifying thought, huh?

Scooby Doo is my favorite cartoon of all time. In one episode, there was an evil clown who used hypnosis as a way to keep those meddling teenagers away from his haunted carnival.

“Watch the spinning coin of gold and you will do what you are told” he’d say.

I cannot hear the word “hypnosis” without thinking of this episode. Far from scaring me away from hypnosis, I’ve learned enough over the years to know some of the incredible benefits of hypnosis. I’ve never been to a hypnotherapist, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t go.

In fact, now I can have a hypnotherapist in my own home, thanks to Amazon Alexa. As part of my 2018 goal to meditate and/or do yoga each day, using the hypnotherapist skill counts. At least it does in my book.

Today’s session talked about blurring the boundaries. The session asks the subject to imagine holding their hand in front of the face. The subject can see the shape of the hand, the cut of the nails, any blemishes or spots, the color of the skin, the hair, any scars or wounds, all those things up close and personal.

Then, the subject is asked to imagine looking at that same hand, yet doing so outside of a window looking into the room. One can easily imagine still seeing the hand, but maybe not all the little details. Then, think of seeing the hand as if one is looking at it through a skylight in the roof. Details become blurred.

This is to teach the subject perspective. And, it did. It’s called quantum learning or something official sounding, but really, it’s just a different viewpoint.

Here’s some additional perspective: our universe is estimated to be 13 billion years old. Planet earth is estimated at four billion years old. Homonyms have been around for the last six million years, but modern human beings only about 200,000 years. You and I have only been born in the last century and, depending on your age, your life could be half over. Mine probably is.

I can’t comprehend 200,000 years. I REALLY can’t comprehend six million or four billion years. But, what I can comprehend is that life is short, especially in terms of the existence of our planet.

With such a short time to be here, why would I waste a moment of it not fully experiencing my own existence? Why would I fritter away a day being hacked off at someone I feel has wronged me? Why on earth would I allow myself anger, disappointment, sadness or worry when my life is already half over?

This is perspective. Life is short. Yet, we all can easily get bogged down in the little stressors of each day. Relationships can be trying.

What I’m trying to always keep in mind is this: my problems are really nothing. With this quantum perspective, I hope you can realize this, too…and that you can actively appreciate each moment we have with this gift of life.

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