We are a smaller facility, but still want to utilize you for multiple presentations. Are there other programs that you can present in addition to your keynote, “The Other End of the Stethoscope”?


You bet ya! I have created multiple programs with tons of content to offer your staff, even the same audience groups, with consistent and compelling engagement.

Healthcare specific programs:
My most popular program is my keynote, “The Other End of the Stethoscope” that has been witnessed by tens of thousands of healthcare professionals. (60-75 minutes)

I have also put my Masters in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University, NYC to great use by creating a workshop titled, “Narrative Nursing”. This session helps nurses to find their own voices through simple writing techniques to avoid compassion fatigue and burnout. (75 minutes)

My most recent, up-and-coming mindfulness practice is appropriately titled, “Presence: The Cornerstone of Caregiving”. Presence is all about helping healthcare pros be mindful, present and resilient in the face of the incredibly difficult work of caregiving. (60 minutes)

Non-healthcare specific programs:
Educational institutions can benefit from my presentations on disability awareness, prevention, and inspiration on achievement.

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