You’re Fired!

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So, I’m about, what? five years behind? Yeah, tonight was the first time I actually watched, “The Apprentice.” Did you? Did you want to slap that psycho Marissa chick, too? Okay, personal violence against an anonymous person aside, here’s the long and short of it…

The entire team said Marissa should be fired. This is at least half a dozen people. Every single person…except she(Marissa) who was finally given the ax. When Trrump pointed out to Marissa that everyone on the team said she should be fired, she was even more adament and said, “No, they’re wrong!” Folks, if there are several people telling me I’m wrong, I’m going to re-evaluate. Hey, even if one person is telling me I’m wrong, I’ll stop and consider their point. Then, if their side has merit, hey, I may pull a switcheroo in the ol’ opinion department. But, isn’t it obvious when several people are agreeing that there is a problem with you that, well, there IS a problem? Schoolyard bullying or ganging up aside, if one continually hears the same thing from a variety of people, why would one choose not to recognize the other opinions? Two reasons: pride and stupidity. Don’t be that guy! Or…you’re fired!

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