Giving Tuesday and How You Can Help Get The Marcus Message to Underprivledged Youth

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Did you go Black Friday shopping? If so, all I can say is…better you than me! I was completely stunned by the amount of folks lined up outside our local Best Buy at midnight. And with reports of fist fights breaking out, people being trampled and the chaos and stress of Black Friday shopping, I’m just so glad I wasn’t part of it.


Traditionally, Black Friday is the kick off to the retail Christmas season. Now, though, it seems that early specials are being pushed back earlier and earlier into November. Hey, if it supports the American economy, I’m for it.


Then, there’s Cyber Monday. This started back when people only had net access at work, would return from their Thanksgiving vacation and start buying stuff on line. From all reports, Cyber Monday 2012 brought in nearly $2 billion. Yeah, that’s Billion with a B.


So, after all the retail indulgences of the holiday season, I was really pleased to hear about this thing called Giving Tuesday. Not familiar? I don’t know all the history of it, but it’s a day when folks are encouraged to stop, think a little about their holiday financial indulgences, and give some help to chairities. I know Dasher, Carson and Garrett’s alma mater, The Seeing Eye, Inc. in Morristown, NJ has a goal of raising $5000 on Giving Tuesday. It’s definitely a worthwhile chairity if you’re in the giving spirit.


I’ve not really advertised this much because we’re in the very initial stages of getting it off the ground, but if you’d like another chairitable place to give, here’s a little info.


Just a few months ago, we received final paperwork from the IRS that approves the 501C3 status of The BLINK Foundation. This is the non-for-profit wing of my/our business.


Marvelyne and I both realize how blessed we were to grow up in loving, functional households. We both have a heart to help youth who did not have this luxury. Personally, I have always LOVED working with at risk and underprivledged youth. To be able to sow into these young hearts and minds a message of inspiration, encouragement, overcoming adversity and intelligent choices is just a thing I love to do. If I had my way, every week, I’d be going into youth detention centers, schools in poverty riddled areas and working with these young people to try to help them get a foothold as a successful, contributing member of society. The BLINK Foundation is going to help me do just that.


BLINK stands for Believe, Live, Inspire, Nurture, Know. The goal of the BLINK Foundation is to get the Marcus message into the hearts and minds of youth who can use it the most. While as a site is still very raw, please know The BLINK Foundation is now an approved and viable non-for-profit organization.


If you’d like to help underprivledged youth get Marcus’ message of encouragement and overcoming adversity, consider giving a tax deductible donation to The BLINK Foundation on this Giving Tuesday.


Like I said, the web site is in it’s earliest stages so we don’t have the ability (yet) to take donations electronically. However, if you’re interested in donating to The BLINK Foundation, your tax deductible check can be made out to The BLINK Foundation and sent to my home office. Please E mail me at for the address.


Thanks for your consideration and happy Giving Tuesday!


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