What’s Right?

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I kinda got in a slump a couple days ago. A few business things were weighing on my mind. I guess I could have just been dealing with a little winter blues, too.

I get quiet when I’m low. The Hotness, who probably knows me better than I know me, noticed. She asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I said. She was not to be eluded.

“What’s right, then?” she asked.

A lot, actually. A direct question deserves a direct answer, so I started talking…

I’m alive. I have no major health concerns, other than my blindness. I have a wife who loves me for me. I have kids I adore and who are all quality people. I have parents who support me unconditionally and who have gone through incredibly tough times with me. I’m living in the wealthiest country on earth. I have not only all I need for survival, but a beautiful home, reliable and comfortable transportation, a clean and delicious food and water supply. I have a career I love that truly helps people. I have the unconditional love of dogs in our home; a home that is temperature controlled with running water and luxuries the rest of the world may never know. There is a whole, whole lot right.

Friends, this was such a testimony of the old adage of count your blessings. When I did, I realized how lucky I am and all the things I DO have already. Thanks to that simple question from the Hotness, it allowed me to re-direct my brain and emotions into a healthier spot. You may want to try this…ancient wisdom suggests it really does work.

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  • Sara Alexander

    Thank you for this. I live in Oklahoma and I heard you speak last year at MSU in Wichita Falls.
    I’m going though a particularly hard time right now dealing with some assault issues for my 13 year old daughter.
    Sometimes it’s easy to get really bogged down in everything. I chose to withdraw from school and come home to care for my daughter and ailing father who died in December.
    Sometimes things seem hopeless. But they are not. And reading your post makes me remember that. So thank you.
    I loved hearing you speak and meeting Garrett. Good luck with Elliott and I wish I had bought your book!!

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