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This morning, I flew out of Oakland and, even with arriving at the airport nearly 90 min. before the flight; I barely made it on the plane. Over 45 minutes was spent simply sitting in the lobby waiting for an assistant to come along and help me find the gate. I had plenty of time to kill, so it wasn’t an issue until the last few minutes. The reason for such a delay was simply an overload of folks needing escorts. Next to me sat an elderly woman who knew less about flying than I know about what goes on inside the NSA headquarters (that’s NSA as in National Security Administration, NOT National Speakers Association). Yet, those arranging escorts and “helpers” were so good to this woman – and all passengers for that matter. Slam packed, stressed out and completely swamped, they showed such grace under pressure. This is precisely what one wants to see in customer service and it’s great to see it hand delivered to a customer in such need.

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