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Happy New Year!

You won’t need to concern yourself with my new year’s resolutions – after all, they’re probably not going to have much impact on your life. However, I make resolutions for all the extensions of me; my MySpace profile, this blog, my web site, my books, etc. Since this blog is the most updated of my appendages, here are a few things I resolve to do with it this year:

Blog every day – don’t expect it to be good, but do expect daily updates. And if I miss a day, cut me slack. If I miss two days, send me an E mail and complain!

Every month, I’ll change the quote at the top. I figure all the really great things that can be said with the English language have already been spoken. So, I’ll just “borrow” them… whatcha say? If you’ve grown used to Isaac Asimov at the top for the last month or so, well, there’s a new one there now!

Blogs about relevant stuff – granted, sometimes my life isn’t all that interesting. However, I’ll never purposefully write about cleaning the toilets or doing yard work without at least making it funny. And there’s nothing funny about cleaning the toilets.

Opinionated? Moi? Yup. And if you disagree with something I blog… tell me! Or put a comment down. Just have the decency to sign your name – hurling insults into the void of cyberspace without tagging it as your own is cowardly.

And finally – I resolve to start adding more pictures. This may not always be real possible since, well, I’m a blind dude with a digital camera, but I’ll try!

With that… 2007! Let the games begin!

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