“How Can You?”

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Today, while boarding a flight, I witnessed one of the worst cases of inhumanity in a while. A man who was quite obviously self centered and heartless, pushed his way to be one of the first to board the plane. He grabbed the front row of seats and told everyone who passed, “These are reserved.” Unfortunately, a young woman who uses a wheelchair didn’t get a pre-board slip. She had the ability to walk, but it was only with extreme effort and pain that she was able to hoist herself out of the wheelchair and step down the aisle to an open seat. According to my eyewitness (i.e., girlfriend Marvelyne), the flight attendant shot the man a look as if to say, “Can’t you see she’s hurting? Offer her a seat, jerk!” He did not. Finally, his wife got on the plane and he whispered to her, “I almost lost these seats…”

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. We have shining examples of human stupidity and disrespect every day. It’s just not in my range of thinking to put another person through pain and inconvenience simply for my comfort. How can people do this? It’s beyond me. And probably you, too, if you take the time to read this blog. I try to find examples of good, but today, this was just such a glaring example of what NOT to do that I had to share.

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