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As promised in my new year’s blog resolutions, I was able to find a cool quote at the beginning of every month to replace the past month’s. Looking around today, I was hoping to find something that just struck me and why I do this blog in the first place. My goal for this blog is always to be a venue to give readers something to think about, to ponder, to learn from or be inspired by. It’s also a way for me to promote some causes I believe are worth learning about(ie, Mark DeWalle’s current regiment to treat the rare form of cancer he has). Throw in the fact that there are just so,so, so many things in this world we can learn from; or, as I’ve been finding lately, so many things to observe and learn what NOT to do. I realize that some of the things over the last few months may be a bit inflammatory. Really? Moi? Yes, actually. If something I write is truly insulting or offensive to you, let me know! I always want to expand my own fields of thought, but if you disagree with my point, be able to back up why it’s wrong-that’s only fair.
So, as I’ve written things lately, I’ve wondered, “Hmmm, wonder if anyone is going to get up in arms about this…” As of yet, no one has, save for the occassional negative comment to the post. I welcome and encourage those, BTW…again, just be able to back up the viewpoint. So, while searching out quotes, this one popped up right away…and I love it! Thing is, I’ve never heard of Kingsley Amis. Well, a few hours ago I hadn’t heard of Kingsley Amis. Now, thanks to the power of the almighty google, I have info on Mr. Amis AND a list of new books to read!
In short, Kingsley Amis was a British novelist in the 20th century. He had a fairly interesting take on literature-i.e., he claims he never read much because he simply didn’t like to read(this is sorta like a animal lover never owning a pet because animals shed). Kingsley Amis was also knighted(right around the same time as Paul McCartney and Elton John, I might add) and wrote a boatload of novels such as “Jake’s Thing” and “Everyday Drinking” and many, many other books I’d read simply on the basis that I like the title!
So, in an effort to keep the blog fresh, I learn…and continue to learn. And I’ll let you know once I read some of Amis’ stuff, too.

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