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Wow, Superbowl Sunday! What a stunning display of capitalism!

That aside, I was smiling at a comment that one of the announcers made about Coach Dungee of the Colts. He said(and I paraphrase), “Coach Dungee told his players he will not talk any louder than a normal speaking voice. He doesn’t yell, doesn’t curse, doesn’t get personal. Most coaches control the actions of players by intimidation and strength, but Coach Dungee’s players just respect him and want to do what he says.”

Wow! Doesn’t that make Coach Dungee a spectacular(and unique) coach? Or, just a leader in general? I remember sitting in the Mu Rho Kappa Sigma house while I was in college, trying to control heated discussions between our brothers any time there was a disagreement. Our president and my roommate, Dewain, would let the “louddmouths” get their yelling and infighting out of their systems. Then, he’d quietly and calmly state his opinion. Maybe it was his seniority in the house, maybe it was because he just made sense, but that quiet, rational leadership style helped quell many, many debates. Never did he raise his voice or have to try to be heard above the crowd, he just spoke normally and got the respect and full attention of the brothersWhether it’s a fraternity meeting with a bunch of loudmouths, or the winning team of the Superbowl, that quiet, calm, rational leadership style is the single most effective way to communicate to subordinates.

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