An Unefficiant Emotion

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If you’re a fan of mysteries, the CSI type, check out Jeffrey Deavers. If you’ve seen the major motion pic, “The Bone Collector” with Denzel Washington and she who has adopted half of Africa, then you’ve seen Deavers’ work. His Lincoln Rhyme series features a quadraplegic detective, conveniently named Lincoln Rhyme, who is an expert in forensics. Due to Rhyme’s disability, he has to explain all he knows to his rookie detectives which is quite helpful if you happen not to be an expert in forensics!
Anywho, currently reading the latest Rhyme novel, “The Cold Moon.” In this book, I was struck by one of the murdering characters, a figure known as “The Watchmaker.” Said Watchmaker is meticulous, exact and deadly-exactly what you want in a good murder character! Today, as the police were about to catch The Watchmaker, he was puzzled by how they had found him out-but he did not get angry. To a person with such a mind for details, he knew getting angry accomplishes nothing. I love his quote, “Anger is an inefficiant emotion.” He’s right. And, even though we know that on an intellectual level, it’s tough to control. Even though this character may be on the way to murdering bunches of people, I’ve gotta give him some props for giving me a little something to think about!

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