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Remember a couple of years ago when a woman named Terri Shivo was in a vegetative state after a car crash? Some nine years past, her husband was fighting to have her verbal requests carried out; i.e., no artificial life support, feeding tubes, etc. There was all sorta debate over whether or not she was in a persistive state, whether she could respond to stimuli, etc.
Not exactly the same situation, but earlier this week, after her second stroke in half a decade, a relative(really, more of a friend) has deteriorated into what some may say is a state similar to Shivo’s. Her children and husband had to make the tough decision-do we carry out her wishes and refuse to let the docs insert a feeding tube? Or, do we go against her wishes and keep her alive? This is all legal and in writing, but there is still debate. Personally, I had this legally set up for myself over 10 years ago, then reitterated the last time I looked at my will. Now, as I movve into marriage and a life with Marvelyne, we are having the issue brought up in a not-so-subtle way; i.e., Rosalie’s condition.
We really never know what the future brings, so if you have strong feelings about what you want your future to look like, have those conversations now. Tough as they may be, make your requests known. It may cost you some money to do it all up legally, it may not hold up in court if you just give a thumbs up or down to liffe support, but do not be afraid to have the talk-when you need that information, the ability may not be there.

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