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Did you happen to catch the Larry King interview with the gun owner from VA who sold the killer the pistol? The gun shop owner explained the procedures that must take place for a customer to purchase a firearm; official and legal state identification, a background check(self reported) on a form that each customer must fill out and finally, a background check that was sent to the FBI. The gun shop owner unwillingly played a part in the murder of these VT students, but only to the extent that the cashier at BP holds responsibility for selling gas to an intoxicated driver. Hee, as you might expect, feels horrible about the murders and wishes there would have been some sign-anything-that would have tipped him off of the carnage to come. If you caught the interview, I’m sure you also heard the sincerity in this gentleman’s voice.
So, after following all proper procedures, why would anyone label this man as a murderer? Why would they threaten him as someone of an equal status as Cho, the gunman? No normal, rational thinking person would. And yet? He explained that after 200 E mails, most of which were death threats, they finally had to shut down the web site of the shop.
Anger at such a tragedy is horrible…and inevitable. But c’mon, folks! This man did his job and he deserves to have his life threatened? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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