Wanna See a Midget?

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Fun with TSA! Yesterday, Marvelyne and I flew to STL to start to clean out my home for sale. If you’ve ever moved, you know the stress of this. So, before we ever sealed a box, before we started deciding what to keep and what to throw, before we ever boarded the plane, we got a little dose of humor from a TSA agent. A TSA agent, you ask? Yup!
As we were going through security, two TSA agents were having some fun bantering back and forth. One, a big, fun, girl with a huge smile was dancing around the screening area, laughing and joking with her co-workers, one in particular. Her friend was a dude who was a skinny, short guy who was having just as much fun as she did. As Marvelyne walked through the metal detector, the female agent ushered her over and said in a conspiratorial tone, “Hey, hey! Wanna see a midget?” My fiance was appropriately shocked, but the lighthearted agent’s attitude took over. The agent then calls to her friend, “Hey Jimmy! Say ‘Hi!'” With that, her friend turned and waved with a big smile!
Was the guy a midget? No, not at all. But, what a fun way to start our day! Doesn’t it lighten your mood to see others having fun?

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