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This morning, I sat at breakfast with the most obnoxious woman on earth. No, not Marvelyne…but she was there, too. The woman was actually a total stranger and sitting across the aisle, but she was one of those loud talkers who, due to her volume, is having her meal with everyone in the joint. She’s telling her meal mate about all the business deals and biz partners who have screwed her over in the past. “I used to trust everyone until they gave me reason not to. Now? I don’t trust anyone until they earn my trust.”
Do you know anyone who thinks like this? Do you? I’m just the opposite-I feel that you attract what you respect. So, if I walk around distrustful of everyone, always fearing I’m going to get hosed, then I’ll probably get hosed! However, if I act confident and competent, friendly and courteous, then I’ll get those sentiments returned.
But, aside from that philosophy, can she really be serious? She doesn’t trust anyone until they earn her trust? So, she doesn’t believe the guy behind the counter at QT when she goes in to ask for directions? She doesn’t trust the waitress when she tells her the soup of the day? Stupid.
Being distrustful of the world will certainly accomplish one thing-the creation of a world where there is no trust. Leave it alone, treat others as you’d like to be treated and watch your world expand.

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