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Currently reading Christopher Moore’s “A Dirty Job.” Quick summary: Charlie is a San Francisco thrift store owner who has just lost his wife. He is left with an infant daughter, a few neurotic, goth employees and, strangely, the new task of being an understudy to the grim reaper. Charlie is mourning his wife. Seeing everything of hers in his apartment causes him to break into sobs. His sister is consoling him, doing the best she can for a man who has just lost everything. He’s blubbering, sobbing and blurts out, “Maybe I should just move! Get out of here, get away from all her stuff…” His sister made a profound observation: You can do whatever you want, but pain usually travels well.” Pain usually travels well. Wow. Beautiful.
People pull that tridck all the time; I hate my life, so I’m going to try to get away from myself with booze. Or I hate my existence, so instead of confronting my problems, I’ll buy items for comfort. Or I’ll eat myself into oblivion every day, because that is, at least, SOME pleasure, if only temporary. You can’t run from pain. Trust me, I’ve tried. the only true way to move on from pain is to fully embrace it, let it run it’s course and don’t expect anything unrealistic-like it’ll go away completely. Remember, pain usually travels well.

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