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Yesterday I attended an awesome meeting of the Natl. Speakers Assoc. Central Florida chapter. The speaker, Jeff Tobe, was an incredible help with marketing and promotion and, if you’re so inclined, check out his web site:


So, back at the ranch…I was standing in line behind a gentleman at the meeting who was telling a story to another fellow. Being nosey, I pulled my super secret FBI espionage trick, also known as eavesdropping. He said, “Ya know, sometimes you just have to wake up and realize how luckky you are. Last month, my wife and I were on vacation in the Carolinas, staying in this beautiful mountain cabin. I woke up, looked out over the valley, saw the fog start lifting through the trees and realized how blessed I am. I have a great career, a wonderful wife, I’m in a beautiful place, none of my kids are in jail…yet…”
Ya know, he IS lucky…and if not having relatives in prison is a blessing, so be it!

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