Passion-It’s Not Just for the Bedroom Any more!

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Welp, it’s graduation time again. Congrats to all my friends who are moving from one stage in their education into another(and if you say you’re done being educated, well, unless you plan on dropping dead as soon as the diploma is in hand, you’re wrong).
A couple of dozen CEOs of some of the biggest corporations in America were asked what advice they’d give to grads. It was almost uncanny the similarity of responses, especially those including the word “passion.” Of the first 10 I read in USA Today, well more than half encouraged grads to find their passion and cultivate it.I couldn’t agree more. One CEO even went so far as to suggest grads take their dream job, even if it’s for less money. After all, they’re working their dream job and that is compensation of another kind!
It’s true-finding one’s passion is one of the aspects that can lead to the fullest and richest life imaginable.

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