When My Brain Turns to Mush

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The library from whence I have received books over the last dozen years, the Wolfner Library, sends out a weekly list of suggested readings. Sometimes the topic is historical fiction, sometimes world affairs, sometimes romance. Pretty much, if there’s a category, they cover it. Through the years, I’ve gleened many, many book selections from their suggestions.

Today’s mailer talked about fine arts. Folks, I’m a big ol’ redneck and ballett, purty paintings and classical music don’t hold a ton of interest for me. Still, I read through the list…and I’m glad I did.

One of the books listed was called, “Beyond The Tunnel: The Arts and Aging in America” by Joan Hart. Hart is an art educator and uses paintings to stimulate the elderly into activating their mind with memories. She likens the “tunnel” the elderly are in to a long corridor with doors that no longer open.

In the last several years, the baby boomers have continued to age(duh! Like anyone isn’t aging!). Nintendo has created a gaming system specifically to stimulate the minds of the elderly, we are constantly barraged with supplements, quizzes, games, computer programs, etc. that all help ward off Alzheimers and the inevitable decline of the human brain…and all the technology the 20th century has created still doesn’t add up to paintings created since the Renaissance.

Hey, whatever floats your boat-Michaelangelo or Mozart or MTV-just be sure you’re doing SOMETHING to not let your brain turn to mush!

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