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Ya know, yesterday was a really odd(and somewhat crappy) day. Had a painter try to gouge me(or at least run a scam), found out the largest investment I’ve ever made(our house) had the mortgage sold w/o anyone telling me(wasted a good five hours trying to find out who I’ll be paying for the next 30 years), then had to deal with some technological ninny who works in the blind services field, but didn’t know how to serve anyone who is blind. Yeesh. See yesterday’s ranting session, if you missed it.
Tonight, once again, I got on to hear of Mark’s progress. Read back a few posts and you’ll see Mark is a 20 something in STL with terminal cancer. Earlier this week, he made the choice to halt all treatments. Tonight, I’ve been reading over the guest book on Mark’s site. Wow, the guy has tons, TONS of support…humbling amounts, I hope.
First, I feel like a bum for having a BMW session about my crappy Wednesday. But aside from that, I’m just flat overwhelmed at the guy’s guts. Do any of us have the experience of saying enough is enough? Hardly. And he did it with grace and style. I can only hope that I will some day have a portion of the courage as Mark. And, if you get a chance, please consider dropping him a note. Trust me, to a patient, support, no matter where it comes from, is priceless.

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