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Okay, I have absolutely no interest in Rosie O’Donnell, Elizabeth nor anything to do with The View. I care not for celebrity opinions on world events…unless those opinions are based in facts and logic.
However, unless you’ve been in a comatose state for the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably had to endure the endless speculation over the spats on The View. Again, I’ve never watched an episode of this show and, God willing, I never will.
Tonight, however, I was watching 24 hour news and it was one of the segments: what will Rosie do now? I don’t care. I don’t care what she did before. But when watching the clip of Rosie and Elizabeth having their feud, I’ve gotta say, no rational human being can argue with Rosie O’Donnel on these matters. The thing I liked the most was Elizabeth saying, “I like facts.” Basing an opinion on facts and not emotions is key to any healthy, rational adult’s existence.
I’ve got pretty strong views on political situations of the world, too, but I base these opinions in fact and logic, not emotions. I’m happy to listen to the varying opinions of anyone(and I do mean anyone) provided they can discuss topics without getting overly emotional and without basing their points strictly on what they feel, not how they think.

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