Have You No Shame?

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I was just reading through an industry publicationn for speakers. There’s a speaker who everyone in the industry(the world?) knows or, at least, knows of. This speaker just sent in a “tip” for getting your wireless card upgraded for your laptop.
He said if you have your wireless card through XYZ cell phone provider, E mail them and tell them their card isn’t compatible with your new Vista operating system. Then, they’ll send you a “voucher” to go to the nearest cell phone store, present the voucher for an upgraded card.
This is all kosher so far…until he tells the reader that the new card for the newest MS operating system allso works with the old XP system. In essence, the less than ethical reader now has a way to screw the cell phone company out of a new card…with an outright lie.
I wouldn’t be one of the people who would take advantage of this loophole, but I find it really, really curious that such a high profile individual would put out a tip that is so unethical. Maybe I’m the oddball, but I certainly can’t understand lying and cheating being associated with my name. Hence, I just don’t lie and cheat. Makes it easier to live.

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