We Didn’t Receive The Book

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As you’ve heard me talk about Mark DeWalle and his struggle with aggressive forms of cancer, there’s another thing I was alerted to on his web site, markdewalle.com just this morning. His mom, Barb(a.k.a., my favorite nurse from my own medical struggles) blogged yesterday with the heading, “We Have Been Overruled.” In essence, to protect Mark’s strength, they decided to now only allow family in to see him. Mark overruled this and pointed out that this is kinda selfish. Upon further consideration, Barb agreed and said, “We didn’t receive the book on how to do this.”
We all know that a book on how to help someone in his final days probably doesn’t exist. Or, it doesn’t cover stuff like this. But then, with all the self help and personal development books that DO exist, these situations-these struggles with life and the ultimate end of life- there is no guidance. All one can do is chart their own course.
If you feel insulted by the actions of others as you try to help, remember what Barb said here: They didn’t receive the book.

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