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In the last week, an illegal immigrant with a valid NC driver’s license struck and killed another motorist while he had a BAC that was well, WELL over the presumptive legal limit.. There’s all sorta stuff in the news talkshows about how we, as an American government, need to make it more difficult for undocumented workers to get drivers licenses. Plus, this brings up the whole argument of illegal iimmigration.
While I sat watching these reports, the age old question kept running through my mind: How do you keep ANYONE from getting behind the wheel? License or no, anyone with working body parts can turn the key, put the car into drive and roll on out to do whatever damage they might do. I don’t see any reason to bring up more stringent regulations for obtaining licenses-just enforce the laws in place. And then? It will STILL not keep drunk individuals from getting behind the wheel. So, if people are this oblivious or have this much disregard for the law, the only thing we, as Americans can do is to demand more law enforcement on the streets.
Let’s not get caught up in the sideline arguments when the real question here is the crime of DWI-not illegal immigration.

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