There’s Nothing That Can Be Done

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This morning, a guy from the home warranty office stopped by. We showed him the small things with the house that need to be adjusted or repaired; simple caulking, squeaky doors, intercom system speakers thatt are scratchy, that sort of stuff.
When I pointed out carpet tacks sticking up; tacks that have bloodied my feet over the last couple of months, he said, “Yeah, there’s nothing that can be done about that…”

I hate, HATE to hear those words come out of anyone’s mouth, but especially someone who works in the service industry. The whole idea of service iss to be sure the customer gets what the customer needs. In this case, I need non-bloody feet. Can it be accomplished? “There’s nothing that can be done about that…” Whatever, Beavis. A statement like this is the fastest way to lose the faith and respect of those you serve. And a better way to communicate it may be, “I’ll see what I can do” or “This is a difficult problem to fix, but I’ll give it my best effort.”
Drawing that line of “There’s nothing that can be done…” is simply giving up-and I want to work with people who will, at least, try.

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