Do These…Or Go To Hell! Literally!

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The Vatican has just released the Ten Commandments of Driving. Intelectually, we know these already; be courteous, don’t drink and drive, text message while driving, put on make-up, don’t road rage, etc.

What strikes me as funny is that cars have been around for a century. Autos have probably been the single biggest advancement(with the possible exception of computers) since the invention of the wheel.

Obviously, the Catholic church is issuing these 10 Commandments kind of tongue and cheek. Still, 100 years later? We know there are more cars on the road now than at any other time in history…is this why the Church has just now seen it necessary to direct Christians?

Either way, Catholic or not, religious or not, take a look at these and follow them-they could just save your life.

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