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Last night over dinner with my soon-to-be stepson, he told me a story he claimed to have heard on the radio that day. Jordan isn’t the exaggerating type, but it sounded so farfetched that I wanted to read it for myself. So, after popping “bobcat attack” into google, I found it:

Florida Man Kills Attacking Rabid Bobcat With His Bare Hands!

Apparently, this 62 year old man lives aan hour north of Tampa. He was taking his garbage out when a bobcat walked up and growled at him. His instincts told him to be ready for an attack. He was. When the bobcat launched into him, he got scratched and bit several times…but not before he grabbed the animal around the neck and choked it to death.

If there was a way to drain just 1% of the testosterone out of this man and disperse it to the American male population, none of us dudes would ever have to go into Bed, Bath and Beyond ever again!

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