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I hate to admit it, but I’m kinda, sorta finding myself caught up in all the royal family stuff lately. It sure doesn’t seem like a decade since I was sitting in a watering hole with friends from Camp Mo-Val when the news of Princess Diana’s death came on the TV overhead. Now the Princes are grown men and it’s interesting to hear interviews where they discuss their desire for a “normal” life.

Last night, the interview showed the reporter asking each about being in the limelight; especially as it relates to their love lives. The princes know full well anywhere and everywhere they go, they are followed by cameras and reporters. How can one even think of having a normal dating life when flashbulbs go off every ten seconds? Plus, every reporter hawks for every detail thinking they’ve got the inside scoop on the personal life of one of the princes.

When asked how they feel when they read a mistruth or blatant lie about them, both princes gave an awesome response: “You can’t sink to that level.”

How right they are! When a child taunts an adult, the last thing an adult should do is fall into that child’s plan. To let it get to you is stooping to the very level Prince Willliam discussed.

Granted, no one else in the entire world is under as much of a microscope as the princes. And yet? They’ve learned to handle fame and attention in positive, healthy ways…and, if we heed their advice, hopefully, we mere commoners won’t bow to whatever our pressures and childish tauntings confront us.

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