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Well, here we are, just 10 days or so from the wedding reception back in MO for our wedding. Renting the venue, song selection for the DJ, catering options, invitations, RSVPs, yada, yada, yada…now I know why people elope!

The hardest thing to figure out is the guest list. Some who’ve responded in the affirmative have to cancel, others who missed the RSVP deadline are asking if it’s too late.. Yet, I have enough of an idea to start filling in the dreaded B list(insert scary music).

What is the B list, you ask? Those people I’d like to invite…if there’s room. A few days ago, I sent a B list invitation to my buddy, John O’Leary. O’Leary is a fellow speaker, as well as a good friend. You can see his story and business at:

I told him right up front, “Look, dude, you’re on the B list. Sorry for that, but you know how these things go.” And he does since John got married just a few years ago. He wrote back today saying, “Hey, I love being a B lister! After you’ve invited all youur relatives and the people who used to change your diapers, the B list is the friends you choose to celebrate with!”

He’s so right! Normally, folks would consider the B list to be, well, B grade. Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that’s not necessarily true. And in John’s case (as well as my other B lister friends) it’s actually quite flattering. Thanks, O’Leary, for giving me that bit of insight. And readers? Please go check out John’s site! He’s one speaker I love to reccomend for keynotes! And for every booking he gets because of me, I get a free cup of Starbucks!

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