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One of my fav scenes from any movie comes from Three Men and A Baby. In it, one of the bachelors, recently laden with a new infant, is reading a bedtime story to the infant. And please know, I use the term, “bedtime story” loosely!

He is, in fact, reading about the Mike Tyson fight…but doing it in that baby talk voice that is usually used to start out stories with, “Once upon n a time…”

When another bachelor roommate walks in, the bachelor with the baby looks up from his cooing about Tyson’s bloody lip and eye laceration and says, “You’ve gotta talk to her in a language she can understand!”

Well, today I found out about a new language called Jott. Jott is a way that you can use dictation software to interface with your cell phone to send text messages. I’ve had a cell phone with talking software for three years now, but I’ve never sent a single text message. Chalk it up to laziness or whatever, but the function keys and such just seem a big pain in the butt to send a five word text. But, apparently Jott has solved this for me!

My two new teenage stepkids are texting masters. As much as I use E mail, they are even bigger texters. This is a language that, until Jott came along, I wasn’t able to speak…or I chose not to, whatever.

Either way, I’m pumped that this Jott service(which is not even intended for those of us who use talking adaptations) will now allow me to text with my kiddos more easily.. I can’t wait to see their reactions when they’re getting texts from me!

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