You Can’t Be A Spectator

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This morning, I took a tour of Rollins College here in Orlando. My stepson, Jordan, is going into his senior year and in the decision-making time for next fall.

During the information session, the Dean of Admissions made a comment about the environment of the college that I thought was appropriate for life, inside and outside of college.

“You can participate in anything and everything you want. What you can’t do is be a spectator.”

Really, who does want to be a spectator in life? Don’t answer that…I know plenty of those people, too. But why? We’ve all been given a life to live, so why would anyone choose to be an observer and not get involved with, well, everything possible?

Obviously, some people are more introverted on the ol’ Meyers-Briggs personality profile. I respect that. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. However, when I have a life, a brain, a body that works and a multitude of opprotunities at my fingertips, there’s no way I’m going to consider holding a ticket when I can put on a helmet!

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