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I get this question a lot: have you forgiven the drunk driver who took your sight? My answer, as always is this: Forgiveness is a vague concept. When I get a true definition of forgiveness, I’ll be able to tell you yes or no.

Well, as my beautiful bride and I were chatting this morning, the concept of forgiveness came up. She’s pretty darned brilliant, so I asked her to define forgiveness in her terms. After discussing this further, I think we hammered out what our definition is:

When one can remember, acknowledge and accept being wronged, but that awareness does not bring about emotions that are negative to that person nor does it consume his/her life, then forgiveness has taken place.

Is this correct for anyone else? I’m noot 110% certain it’s my final definition, but if you have any thoughts, please leave a comment or E mail me directly. This will probably be the topic of this month’s newsletter, and I would love to be able to think this through fully from many different points of view. Thanks, folks!

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  • Anonymous

    I think that everyone has their own definition of forgiveness. I think you and Marvelyne put together a great definition, however I do not FULLY believe it, though that does not mean its true. Thoughts of the guy that killed my dad in our accident do not HAUNT me, but I am not to terms with that so I do not forgive him. That’s a tough one, I do like what you said though, but I think the definition could vary with every situations. Just like the word ‘love’ can. Good luck, I am sure the newsletter will be brilliant.
    -Fully Grown

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