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Just spent the last 30 minutes watching MTV’s “Exposed!” First off, what a crap program. Crap it may be, but there was still some interesting stuff to be observed.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has never had to suffer through an episode, let me give you a little insight:

Guy or girl asking questions to two other individuals, trying to determine who is the better “catch.” Today, it was a girl asking two dudes interview questions. Thing is, the guys are secretly miced and their voices are being analyzed by vocal software that indicates if the speaker is lying. Kind of a poor man’s lie detector, if you will.

The girl is asking all sorta embarrassing questions, trying to catch the guys in lies. If you had a dollar for every booger you’ve ever eaten, how rich would you be? Do you think treating a girl like crap is a good way to get her to like you more? What is the fastest you’ve ever moved in with a girl after you’ve been dating?

I’ve had the misfortune of watching this show before, only then there was a guy asking the questions. Based on the hand full of episodes I’ve watched, it seems there’s a whole lot less lying amongst the dudes. Today, the show was kinda a flop since neither guy ever told the slightest fib.

Now, why is this? Are the questions more embarrassing for females and they have to lie? Are guys just simpletons who can’t gloss over the cold, hard truth? Are men just inherently more truthful than women?

I don’t know, but I do know that women in society are held to a higher standard than men. For appearance, for behavior, for the things they verbalize, for morals-everything. The sad part is that so often, it’s not men who constantly set these standards, but other women. I’ve said a million times-women have it tough in our society. I’m glad I’m male. I don’ want to be judged on the tiniest little details which I may or may not even care about. That is a TON of unneeded pressure. It’s no wonder that more often than not, when the tables are turned and the girls get their voice patterns examined, they’re found to be lying.

I wouldn’t suggest anyone actually watch this show unless you want to feel your brain dribble out of your ear, but it does make for some interesting analysis.

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