The Importance of Immediacy

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Fine. I admit it. I am a bona fide, certified, total and complete E mail dork. I swear, if my laptop is anywhere in the vicinity of the bathroom, I’d sit on the throne and E chat with friends. No shame, right?

And yet, with all my dorkiness about E mail, there are benefits. Namely, it gives most anyone a response back within a couple of hours. Usually within a couple of minutes, provided I’m not on a flight or somewhere that doesn’t have wireless access. That, my friends, is important, I’ve found.

Last month, I was having dinner with a client and we were talking about our dorky traits. Okay, okay, maybe just my dorky traits. Anyway, my client said, “You know, I’ve noticed your E mail obsession, Marcus. If I have a question and E mail you, I’ve got a reply in under five minutes.”

Yup, that’s about right.

Today, I wa s speaking with a client via E mail. Next month, this guy’s org will be filming me with their in house DVR system. He gave me the nod to use it and said, “Johnathan, our media guy, will call you with details.”

Once I read his message, I got up, went to the bathroom, then grabbed Carson’s play toy. Before he’d even worked up a heavy panting, my cell rang. Yep, Johnathan. Within 10 minutes of my client typing the message, his “prediction” had come true. Impressive!

Is this type of immediacy necessary? No, but it DOES help make an impression when it happens. The client’s passing along of my contact info in such a short time, then Johnathan’s priority makes me know I’ll be treated by gold by this client. And I like being treated like gold. Again, not necessary-but impressive when it happens.

One of my speaking heros, Alan Weis, has a policy that any clients will get a call back within four hours of leaving a message. I try to do better than that, when possible. And the only thing that would keep me from that immediacy is that sometimes, the net just hides(don’t suggest I get the AT&T wireless card so it can’t hide…I’m on it).

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