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There are a bazillion issues with health care in Americans. Americans themselves are one of the biggest problems-we don’t take care of ourselves, we expect doctors to fix all our issues with the wave of a magic wand, you get the idea. Pretty much everything except personal responsibility.

Physicians take part of the blame, too. You’ve probably heard the notion, “Doctors only want to do two things: cut ya or drug ya.

There’s a certain bit of truth to this statement. After all, doctors do have the power of the prescription pad, and the surgeons have the power to operate. On the first side of this(drugs), there’s a minute clinic type place just down the street from my home. They advertise, “Physician appointment and prescription: $70” Uh, so every time someone walks in they also get a prescription? What if they don’t NEED a prescription? Do they get one anyway, just because they paid for it?

Today I had an appointment with a surgeon. Nothing serious, thank you very much! Due to some post-crash procedures that included a feeding tube, the lining of my abdomen is, well, about as strong as the upper body strength of a third grade girl. I.E., not. Thus, I now have my third incisional hernia in less than five years. I expected to go to the surgeon and walk out with a date for surgery on the calendar. Didn’t happen.

After feeling the protrusion, the surgeon(who was this friendly old timey country doctor type) said, “Know what I’d do if I were you? Nothing. Nothing at all.”

Beg pardon? What? Repeat, please! A surgeon who does not want to cut? Could the stereotype be (GASP!) wrong?

After some explaination, the surgeon said if I wanted him to, he could do the operation…but why? It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t limit my lifestyle, why go through surgery if it isn’t dangerous or bothersome? Well, Doc, I couldn’t agree with you more!

What did this teach me? Probably nothing new, but it did reinforce the stupidity of stereotypes.. Thanks for that, Doctor Mac, and for NOT making me a patient!

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