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January 1, 2007, the first blog post of the year had my blog resolutions. I remember these, but went back to check that post-just to be sure.

First, I resolved to blog every day. Nothing is more frustrating than a good blog that is rarely updated. II’m not arrogant enough to call my blog “good”, but when I read some of the crap blogs out there, I do see some things I’m doing right! So, did I do it? Nope. Not every day.

There was a time in July wheen I was out of the country for five days on my honeymoon. There were also days on end when I had very limited net access. I don’t think there was a time(at least, not too many) where I went more than three consecutive days without a post. And this post, the one you’re reading right now? It is #365 for the year. Maybe I didn’t blog every day, but I DID end up with 365 blog posts. Not bad, if I do say so myself!

Second, I promised I’d put a new quote for the blog heading every month. Did I do this? 11 out of 12 times, yes. Unfortunately, the Simon and Garfunkel quote that now adornes the blog heading has been there since November 1. It’s been a lot of fun finding cool quotes that sum up my mindset at the time. Springsteen, Dylan, Buffett, Robert Earl Keen and a few true blue literary greats(Hemingway and the like) have shown, in short phrases, a few new things.

Pictures. Never forget that your faithful blogger is a blind guy with a digital camera. Were there more pics in 2007 than 2006? Yep, by a long shot. And about 100 additional posts. Still, I want to bump up the visual element for those of you who DO get excited by pics.

Relevant issues? I think so. Granted, I’m no current affairs commentator nor do I claim to be. I don’t even WANT to be. I do, however, observe a lot that goes on in the world and blog about it. Whether it’s the world at large, or my personal life, I always want to blog things that are actually interesting and helpful. I pledge I’ll do that same thing in 08.

So, overall? I give myself a B plus for the year of blogging. Not the content, but how well I kept the blog updated and stayed true to my goals. More in 08? More of the same…I promise!

Happy New Year!

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