Are You My Googleganger?

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What?! You don’t know what a googleganger is?Well, two hours ago, I didn’t either.

A googleganger is a person who shares your name and comes up when you google yourself. I know of two other Marcus Engels out there, and props to them for being my googlegangers!

Actually, I learned several other words this morning from an NPR newscase on the different words of 07. The king winner of all, though, was “sub-prime.” This is based on the widespread knowledge of the word AND it’s potential longevity.

In 1994, one of the winners was “infobon”(sp?”…which was a predecessor of this thing I’m using right now(and so are you), the internet. It was the infobon named after the German stretch of highway where cars can move at, oh, around 200 mph. Either way, would you use that term? Doubtful…but I’ll bet you’ve used “sub-prime” in the last six months!

Either way, this was a fascinating report on just how unique this English language is.

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