Wyoming to New York: Where Are We Safest?

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According to this recent study, Wyoming is the deadliest state in the country for DWI fatalities. New York is the least.

One thing I really enjoy about this study is that they include the methodology for their findings. They also pay homage to the fact just under half of New York’s population resides in New York City… and that 75% of New Yorkers do not own a car. Pretty hard to get a DWI if you don’t own a car – not impossible, but significantly more difficult.

I also ask the question of Wyoming… is there a cab service in the entire state? The least populated state in the union with just over half a million citizens. If there is a Yellow Cab, chances are, it’s in a single city and virtually useless to anyone not in that city.

All in all, interesting stuff on this horrible crime. Article is at Forbes:

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