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I’ve just completed reading, “Bias” by Bernard Goldberg. Fantastic book with thought-provoking subjects which I thought had no effect on my life. I was wrong. Who knew the media actually had an effect on my thinking?

However, even with all the tidbits Goldberg learned from working for CBS for nearly three decades, the thing I took from this book I’ll remember forever is this quote from American theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr. Here goes:

“Frantic orthodoxy is never rooted in faith, but in doubt”
-Reinhold Niebuhr.

After reading this, thinking about it and finally discussing it with my brilliant wife, I realized I could write an entire book on this single quote. I totally agree with Niebuhr, but he could have left out “orthodoxy” and I’d still agree with him. The whole idea of being frantic means there is something to fear-and, as any fool knows, when franticness sets in, reason and rationality go out the window.

For your thinking pleasure, I give you this quote…whatcha think?

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  • Susan Kelmer

    I agree, Marcus. GREAT quote. I’ll be sharing it with some people today.

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