Ever Want To Be An Ostrich?

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You know, the most famous thing about ostriches has never been proven. That is, no one has ever documented an ostrich actually sticking his/her ostrich head in the sand. But, let’s suppose ostriches really DO bury their head in the sand…ever feel like that?

Today, I do. Maybe not sticking my head in the sand(I might suffocate), but maybe just curl up and pull the covers over my head. Today, the bad news just keeps coming…

I flipped on the TV to get caught up on the day’s happenings. First story? The shooting at the middle school in Oxnard, CA. Dear God…when are we going to be able to convince students to stop shooting one another?

Next story? Phoenix…where police found a partially mummified corpse in a bathtub of an apartment. Early reports suspect it’s the body of a former occupant who has been missing for the past seven years. Weird. And gross.

Oh, it’s gross you want? This is more disgusting and horrifying than dead bodies…let’s see if you’re sick to your stomach after hearing this!

Police in Tampa, FL were caught on tape shoving a man who is a quadraplegic out of his wheelchair. This was before he was booked on charges where the police claim he eluded them last fall. Am I the only one who sees the absurdity in this claim? And the dispicable behavior of those sworn to serve and protect?

No, I won’t bury my head. No, I won’t sleep the rest of the day away. No, I won’t stop watching the news due to only hearing bad news. I will, however, continue to hope these incidents all happened the same day, but that they’re not a trend.

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