What’s Your Dog’s Real Age?

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A few days ago, some random guy on a plane asked me how old Carson is. Since C-Doggy Dogg just celebrated the big 7 a couple of weeks ago, it’s easy to remember!

He scratched Carson behind the ears and said, “You’re getting to be an old fella, aren’t you? You’re almost 50 in dog years!”

I cringed. First of all, the whole thing about seven dog years for every one year of humans is a thought that went out with the mullet. There’s a scale which most vets go by that isn’t nearly as easy as, saying stuff like, “Your dog is three! He can drink beer legally now!”(this was often heard when Carson was three… and trust me, he’s never had so much as a lick of anything harder than water).

A few days ago, we found an interesting test which takes all of your dog’s traits into account. Then, due to that, it spits out what your dog’s REAL age is – not that silly notion of seven years for every one. And Carson? Turns out that due to his real age, eating habits, exercise and environment Carson is (drum roll, please)…29.2 years old! For God’s sake… my dog is younger than me! Ahhhhh!

So, here’s the link… have fun! And don’t forget to give your pooch a scratch or two for Carson and me!

Dog health care information – DogAge

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