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Dr. Phil had a middle schooler on a few days ago. Dig this…the kid got tired of hearing profanity from all the other kids at school. So, he started the No Cussing Club!

Now, this is all good and fine-Lord knows we hear far too much profanity everywhere we go. And I’m as guilty as the next guy with my overactive potty mouth. It’s really cool that this young man has taken the initiative on a grass roots level to promote abstinence from vulgar language.

What I found even more intriguing, though, was the question he got from Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil asked said kid, “What do you say to the kids who want to swear? What do you say to kids who tell you they like to cuss and they’re not going to stop?”

The kid looked up, real matter-of-fact and said, “I’d tell them not to join the club!”

Do you understand how brilliant this is? He could have ranted and raved about how wrong profanity is, how it’s the language of the uncreative and ignorant, how it makes the cusser look like a fool with no true intellect. But no-he kept the argument on the level where it is-he just said cussers aren’t those for whom the club is intended!

See, so often we have someone promoting their standpoint. That’s all good and fine, right? We’re Americans and are able to exercise our first amendment right.

Yet, where I think many orgs go wrong is this: they promote their own standpoint while also demonizing the opposition. These two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but most people feel when they take Standpoint A, they have to point out how Standpoint B is just flat wrong.

Props to this young man for keeping his views in tact while allowing the cussers to continue their cussin’…they just have to do it somewhere else.

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