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Pictures comin’ tomorrow, butt wanted to recognize the Missouri Rehabilitation Association for their 2008 conference. I was honored to be the closing keynote this morning-and what a fabulous group this is!

Let me give you a little idea of what sorta peeps make up MRA. Let’s say you’re a Missourian and you become disabled. You’ll apply with MO Vocational Rehab Services and they’ll take it from there. Assessment, testing, training and finally employment-for anyone with any sort of disability.

The MRA membbers are not folks who got into this field for money, but for the satisfaction of helping. Whether it’s helping someone with a disability attain their bachelor’s degree, or someone with a developmental disability achieve his/her highest potential, the MRA members are there to help. You will truly not find any more giving, committed and kind people on the planet-I swear, I wanted to hug every single person in the audience!

Special thanks to Kim Vaughn for being such an incredible client to work with, and thanks to Joe, Frank and Brian from A.O. in Springfield, MO. Again, these folks are salt of the earth-and a whole lotta fun to party with, to boot!
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