Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day weekend, but somehow, it doesn’t feel like time to rest and recupe. With Hurricaine Gustav headed for the Gulf Coast, it feels like we should all be helping prep residents prepare-no one wants a Katrina Part II.

One thing I wasn’t aware of is FEMA’s E mail alert system. For those of us who live in hurricaine prone areas, this is extremely important. Citizens can go to the FEMA web site and sign up for E mail alerts keeping them updated on what’s going on with horrible weather. When the news is basically sensational editorializing, official word from FEMA may offer some comforting truth (who’d have thunk it?)

Throw in the fact it’s Labor Day weekend. This is notoriously one of the heaviest traffic weekends of the year AND known for excessive consumption of alcohol. Scary stuff.

Whether you’re in the path of Gustav or just a typical motorist who needs to watch the road especially hard this weekend, please, please stay safe.

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