Some Well Deserved Gratitude

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Over the weekend, I was randomly flipping channels looking for some news that was NOT about the political race. No dice. Gov. Palin was giving a speech in Florida and it seemed like most of the news channels were carrying it. So, thought I’d give her a listen for a couple minutes.

Not long after landing on this channel, Gov. Palin asked all the veterans to stand. The audience then erupted into applause, everyone excitedly showing support and gratitude to those who’ve served our country.

When Marvelyne and I were on a cruise a few weeks ago, a similar thing happened. The after dinner entertainment one evening was a version of the Newlywed Game. Three couples took the stage; one married for only a few days, one for 40 years, one for 63 years. The eldest of the couples were just the best…

The host went to each couple and asked how they’d met. The husband of the 63 year marriage said, “Well, we went on a date, I went to the war and when I came back, she was still single…so, I married her!”

No prompting, no invitation of applause, no leading the audience…as soon as he said he went to the war, the entire audience stood and applauded. Made me kinda misty to see so much support for this old fella and his military friends.

I always say my three biggest heros include teachers, nurses and soldiers. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. After that despicable behavior of our country towards Vietnam vets in the 60s and 70s, it’s great to see we’re all now on board for giving our vets some well-deserved gratitude-no matter our political leanings.

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