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Tomorrow marks the end of this very heated (and very long) Presidential race. It’s been a one-of-a-kind race, hasn’t it?

So, tomorrow: vote. If you’re a registered voter (not a dead person, a minor or a dog), then get out and exercise your Constitutional right!

The country we now live in is so polarized, so distrustful of anyone who doesn’t wear their colors, so fixiated on personal preference instead of a candidate’s true qualities. And ya know? That doesn’t change the fact America is a democracy.

A government of the people, by the people, for the people…

I hope tomorrow has the largest voter turnout ever. I hope more Americans get out and exercise that Constitutional right than in any previous election. I hope our voter turnout rates start to mirror those of the other Democratic countries of this world (for example, European democracies think anything less than 75% is pitiful…and it is! But in America, we’re usually in the 60% range. So, who is really pathetic?)

The early voting place down the street from my home has had early voting the last week. Voters sometimes have waited in line for over three hours to be sure their ballot is cast. No matter your political affiliation, you’ve gotta smile at the excitement, fervor and commitment this race has generated!

Tomorrow? Vote. And on Wednesday? Let’s all realize that, no matter the outcome of the race, we’re all Americans. And let’s start to act like it again.

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